Inquiry and Cognition Workshop

by daaavve

Hi folks, 

Got your essays today, looking forward to reading them!

Allan Hazlett is looking for philosophy of mind-y postgrad speakers for a workshop he’s organising on May 24th, on ‘Inquiry and Cognition’. He says you can construe this topic as broadly as you like, but for some idea of what he’s interested in, take a look at the description of the conference to which the workshop is a precursor, here.

If any of you have work that you’d like to present that you think might be relevant, then email me or Allan about getting a spot on the workshop. I imagine it’ll be a pretty informal affair, with half hour talks and 15mins for questions, so talking at it shouldn’t be too much of a scary ordeal.

By the way, I hope you all enjoyed thinking about J-Hog and the topics he touches on for the course. If you have any JH-related musings that you’d like to get off your chest in future, feel free to post them to the blog!